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Isola Jaubert Award

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Olive L. O'Reilly 1981 us-flag1.gif (33183 bytes)
Jimmie Kline 1982 us-flag1.gif (33183 bytes)
Felicie Abate 1983 us-flag1.gif (33183 bytes)
Rosa Belle Landry 1984 us-flag1.gif (33183 bytes)
Cinda Pollacia 1985 us-flag1.gif (33183 bytes)
Helen Mouton 1986  
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Betty Broussard 1989  
Christina Toups 1990 us-flag1.gif (33183 bytes)
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Mary Jane Vaughn 1993  
Teen Wicke 1994  
Rose Machado 1995 us-flag1.gif (33183 bytes)
Gilderie (Pee Wee) Armentor 1996  
Mayola Wicke 1997  
Earlene Boullion 1998  
Verna Ann Bourgeois  1999  
Margaret Vincent  2000  
Linda Grant Breaux 2001  
Camille Scott 2002  
Lois Orphey 2003 us-flag1.gif (33183 bytes)
Beverly Castillo 2004  
Mary Hurst 2005  
Pat White 2006  
Dorothy Mathieu 2007  
Angie Cates 2008  
Una Richard 2009  
Ina Gaspard 2010  


Isola Jaubert



When one finds a worthy wife,

her value is far beyond pearls.

Her husband, entrusting his heart to her,

has an unfailing prize.

She brings him good, and not evil,

all the days of her life ...

She is clothed with strength and dignity

and she laughs at the days to come.

She opens her mouth in wisdom

and her tongue is kindly counsel.

She watches the conduct of her household

and eats not her food in idleness.

Her children rise up and praise her;

her husband, too, extols her.'

"Many are the women of proven worth,

but you have excelled them all ."

Charm is deceptive and beauty fleeting;

the women who fears the Lord is to be praised.

Give her a reward of her labors,

and let her works praise her at the city gate.


The Valiant Woman of the Scriptures is a model for Isola Gardemal Jaubert, who was as near a member of the Knights of Columbus as a lady can become. The wife and chief mainstay of Charles C. Jaubert, she shared her husband's enthusiasm for our Order, and was his constant companion in his many travels on behalf of the Fourth Degree.

Msgr. Cramers Assembly enjoyed her special patronage for many years, and even after her husband's death she maintained an active interest in assembly affairs, and participated in as many of the assembly's social activities as was possible for her.

Mrs. Jaubert passed away in 1980. A native of St. Martinville, she lived in Lake Charles for 61 years. She was a charter members of the Catholic Daughter courts at Immaculate Conception, St. Margaret and Our Lady Queen of Heaven Parishes, and in 1979 she was cited as having served as a member of the Catholic Daughters longer than any other Louisiana member, for 60 years. She was also a 60-year member of the Altar Society in the above-named three parishes, was a leader of the

St. John Vianney Club for 40 years, and was active in the Sacred Heart -League, the Lake Charles Deanery Human Relations Council and the Apostle- ship of Prayer.

In recognition of her special interest in the Fourth Degree, Msgr. Cramers Assembly has inaugurated the Isola Gardemal Jaubert Memorial Award, to be presented annually to the wife or the widow of an assembly member who has emulated her enthusiasm for and her service to the assembly.





Selection Criteria

Isola Gardemal Jaubert Memorial Award

1. Presented annually by Msgr. Cramers Assembly and the Jaubert family

to the wife or the widow of an assembly member. 

2. The award is presented at the installation banquet of the assembly. 

3. The award is presented for services to and support of Msgr. Cramers Assembly and his programs and projects, in the spirit manifested by the late Isola Gardemal Jaubert. 

4. Requirements:

a.    Must have attended assembly meetings and/or social functions consistently as circumstances have permitted;

b.    Must have attended wakes and funerals of assembly members and their ladies, as circumstances have permitted;

c.    Must have the approbation of her pastor. 

5. Selection of the recipient will be made by a committee composed of the assembly faithful navigator, admiral and comptroller, plus two past faithful navigators. 

6. Each recipient will receive an engraves plaque carrying the Fourth Degree emblem.



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